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RSVLTS Big League Chew Fanny Pack - Vintage Pouches

RSVLTS Big League Chew Fanny Pack - Vintage Pouches

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From Little League to the bigs, one thing remains constant: Big League Chew. These pouches of shredded goodness are a staple of America's pastime. And now you can stuff your pouches in a pouch!

The RSVLTS "Vintage Pouches" fanny pack features some of the original, throwback Big League Chew pouches, plus a few new friends of their  own creation. These new players are straight out of the '80s, when a .280 hitter with a killer mustache was worth more than a .330 bare-lipped baby face.

Put it on, throw in some Outta Here Original, and prepare to blast some absolutely devastating dingers. The glory days are back!

Offcially licensed with Big League Chew

Material: Shell: 100% polyester. Lining: 100% polyester. Filling: 100% Expandable polyethylene. You: 100% baller for rocking this sweet accessory. Oh yeah, and it's not just a fanny pack, it's a cooler fanny pack, with a leak-proof lining perfect for holding a can of your favorite beverage, adult or otherwise.


Main pouch width at widest point: 9.5 inches
Main pouch width at narrowest point: 6.5 inches
Main pouch depth: 3.5 inches
Main pouch height: 5 inches
Small pouch width: 6 inches
Small pouch depth at deepest point: 1 inch
Small pouch depth at narrowest point: 0.75 inches
Small pouch height: 3.5 inches
Total strap length: 39.5 inches
Extension strap length: 14 inches

Care: Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Wow, that's a lot of do nots. Ok, now for some dos. Do line dry. Do wipe any stains with a damp cloth and air dry to keep this bad boy looking fresh on that hip.