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Original Squishmallow Cherie 8" Sabre Tooth Tiger Pre-Historic Plush

Original Squishmallow Cherie 8" Sabre Tooth Tiger Pre-Historic Plush

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Meet Cherie.  Ther's nothign she can't handle, although she is a little afraid of the dark.  But, she knows that doesn't mean that she's not brave.  She's ready to conquer the world!  All she asks is that you leave a light on!

Go back in time with this snuggly 8" Squishmallow Sabre Tooth Tiger!

Measures: 8"

Materials: Soft Polyester

May surface clean.

Ages: 3+  (May not be suitable for children under 3, but is fully sewn).

Key Features:

  • JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: Rediscover the awe of the prehistoric world, where Textured Blue and Green Dinos roam alongside Teal Sea Dinos, and where Wooly Mammoths share tales with Saber-toothed Tigers, Red T-rexes, and Textured Green and Brown Parasaurolophuses.
  • PERFECT 8-INCH SIZE: Each ancient creature, at a comfy 8 inches, is ready for prehistoric-themed playtimes, educational fun, and heartwarming snuggles.
  • UNMATCHED SOFTNESS: Squishmallows™ are celebrated for their iconic plush comfort. With this collection, not only do you get a trip to the bygone eras but also the cuddliest companions from them.
  • VIVID AND ENGAGING DESIGN: Every plush in this assortment boasts meticulous design, capturing the imagination with vibrant colors, textures, and lifelike details that make them stand out.
  • COLLECT AND DISPLAY: This assortment isn't just for play. They're a delightful addition to any bedroom, study, or playroom, allowing history buffs and young explorers to showcase their love for the ancient world.