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Original Squishmallow Marisa Green & Yellow Dinosaur 8" Pre-Hisoric Plush

Original Squishmallow Marisa Green & Yellow Dinosaur 8" Pre-Hisoric Plush

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Meet Marisa.  She deals with anxiety and can get a little blue sometimes.  Luckily, she has thoughful friends and faily who always stick by her side.  When she's feeling down, they hug her and remnd her how great she s, and that a new sunny day is just around the corner!

Give lots of hugs to this Squishmallow, she needs it, and maybe you do to!

Measures: 8"

Materials: Soft Polyester

May be surface cleaned.

Ages: 3+  (May not be suitable for children under 3, but is fully sewn).

Key Features:

  • JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: Rediscover the awe of the prehistoric world, where Textured Blue and Green Dinos roam alongside Teal Sea Dinos, and where Wooly Mammoths share tales with Saber-toothed Tigers, Red T-rexes, and Textured Green and Brown Parasaurolophuses.
  • PERFECT 8-INCH SIZE: Each ancient creature, at a comfy 8 inches, is ready for prehistoric-themed playtimes, educational fun, and heartwarming snuggles.
  • UNMATCHED SOFTNESS: Squishmallows™ are celebrated for their iconic plush comfort. With this collection, not only do you get a trip to the bygone eras but also the cuddliest companions from them.
  • VIVID AND ENGAGING DESIGN: Every plush in this assortment boasts meticulous design, capturing the imagination with vibrant colors, textures, and lifelike details that make them stand out.
  • COLLECT AND DISPLAY: This assortment isn't just for play. They're a delightful addition to any bedroom, study, or playroom, allowing history buffs and young explorers to showcase their love for the ancient world.